How Miami Kava Gives Back to the Community

How Miami Kava Gives Back to the Community

Let's talk about a little spot in Wynwood, Miami. First off, a big shoutout to Miami Kava’s regulars. You guys are the reason Miami Kava is what it is today. It wasn't easy starting a kava bar in a city known for its wild nightlife, but we did it, and we've got more coming your way.

So, what's this all about? Well, House Of Roots started in a small house. We've always believed in the simple power of nature for those looking to cut down on alcohol or just enjoy it moderately. It's important for us to share what kava is, where it comes from, and its story. And that's what I'm going to do here.


Kava: Our Way of Giving Back

We were the first kava bar in the city of Miami. Yep, before us, there were spots in Miami Beach and South Miami, but we were the first in the city. It wasn't easy. We had our ups and downs, but teaching Miami about kava and its history was worth it. We took a chance on a root not many knew about, and it paid off. House Of Roots isn't just part of Miami's history; it's part of its heartbeat, born in a neighborhood alive with art, music, and a unique spirit. We started serving kava, a traditional drink from far-off Polynesian islands, and it was our way of adding a bit of calm to the city's hustle.


All About Community

Our goal is to make House Of Roots a place where you can grab a healthy drink and relax. We've got stuff like Yerba Mate, Chai, Matcha, and Peach Tea. But it's more than just drinks. We wanted to create a spot where everyone feels welcome, can learn a bit, and just take a break.

We're all about teaching, too. We don't just serve; we explain. Ever wondered about kava's origins or why Yerba Mate is a big deal in South America? Just ask us. Our team loves to share stories and facts about what we serve.

We're also big on supporting the local scene. We team up with local artists, throw community events, and offer a spot for folks to just be. Giving back isn't just something we say; it's what we do.


What's Next?

We're always thinking about what's next. How can we make our drinks better? What new events can we host? We want to grow with our community, sticking to our roots but always getting better.

So, that's our story. Miami Kava is more than just a place to grab a drink. It's a community, a learning spot, and a little piece of Miami's story. Whether you're a regular or just stopping by, you're part of this journey. And we can't wait to see where we go together. Here's to more good times and great kava. Hope to see you soon!

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