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    Best Alternative

    Choose natural alternatives, like Kava and Tea, for holistic well-being without the drawbacks of synthetic options.

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    Nature's Way

    Integrating Kava and Tea into your routine can elevate your health journey, the natural way.

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    Wellness Life

    Dive into the world of Kava and Tea, traditional roots and leaves that have been enhancing well-being for generations.

Kava in Biscayne Miami being poured for customers in Miami Kava - Biscayne

Rooted in South Pacific Tradition and Culture

From the South Pacific islands, Kava has been cherished for centuries for its calming properties, often shared during gatherings. Meanwhile, Tea, with its deep roots in Southeast Asia, has been an integral part of rituals and daily life.

Today, these time-honored beverages continue to bridge cultures, offering everyone a taste of ancient tradition and well-being.



Kava bar in Miami offering kava shells with slices of fresh pineapple, inviting customers to enjoy a kava experience in a local setting in Miami.


Embark on a journey to better well-being with our root-based beverages. Handpicked from authentic sources, our Kava & Tea ensure a truly natural experience.


Unlock nature's secrets with every shell. Our lab-tested and 100% pure products guarantee you're receiving the finest of what Kava & Tea have to offer.


Unearth the difference of House of Roots. With direct Indonesian sourcing and UV Sanitization, our products stand out in purity and potency, setting us apart.


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